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New year's party in 2016 New year party's in 2016

“Dongke” Cup football match in 2014

New Year Party in 2016

Summer camp in 2015

Qingdao travel in 2016

Skiing in 2015

Sanya Tour in 2015

Commendation meeting of enterprise management in 2017

“Dongke” Cup basketball match in 2017

Project management course training

Celebrate the party building festival 96th aniversary

Consolation of troops

Subsidize the needy students in 2017

Donation for the cancer staff

2017/10--Interaction between school enterprise

2017/12--Building “巨才”bookhouse
2018/02--108th bookhouse built

2017/12--New year's party

2018/02-Making dumplings with soldiers of Lei Feng brigade for lunar year
2018/03-Tree planting activities in Arbor Day

2018/03--Employee welfare on International working women's day

2018/03--Snow scene photographing

2018/03-Party building event of the Communist Party of China

2018/04--International reading day's reading activities

2018/05-May Forth Younth Day's activity

2018/05-Symposium on exchange learning

2018/05-“Dongke” Cup reading event
2018/05-Donate to cancer mothers

2018/05-The carnation for the employee's mother on mother's day

Studying  in  Beijing  University

 “Dongke Cup" 2017 China Concrete Admixture Enterprise Comprehensive Top Ten Awards Ceremony

Celebrate the 97th aniversary of Party building 

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