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This product series dissolve in water & many other organic solvent, which is the significant raw material for new generation of polycarboxylate superplasticize. The polycarboxylate superplasticize compounded by this product featured in high rate particle dispersion retention ability which owns so many advantages like high water-reducing rate, low cement amount usage, high effect for enhancing strength, good durability, no corrosion for rebar environmentally friendly, can be applied in locale batching long-distance transport ready-mixed concrete with high performance strength(more than C60). Our product adopt international advanced technologies-Italy PRESS Extrinsic Cycle Ethylene propylene oxide spray device high-activity catalyst manufacturing technology. High retention rate of double bond improves the reaction activity sharply during the process of polycarboxylate superplasticize synthesis. With good product appearance cohesiveness slump ability, the product is in good combination property. In addition the product can be customized according to customers¡¯ requirements of molecular weight, hydroxyl value structure.
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