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¡¾General Description¡¿

Accelerating agent(DK-300) is a liquid high range agent without alkali,which can be used in wet dry shotcrete,

it can accelerate the cement Coagulating,improve the early strength lower the long term strength losses.

No smell,no toxic.No combustible no danger of burst, no rusting for steel.The solid content is 50.

¡¾Specifications¡¿(stard: JC477-2005)




Alkali Content£¨£©



Setting Time£¨min£©

Initial Set



Final Set



Ammonia ion Content£¨£©



Compress Strength








No Alkali: It can reduce the danger of alkali-aggregate reaction,reduce the lossed of final strength.

Improve the durability of concrete it can be used in permanent supporting structure.

Rapid Coagulating: This product can accelerate the construction progress.The Coagulating time strength

of shotcrete will reach go beyond the state stard.

Economical: In place of the Double layer construction mode ¡®Supporting First,Lining Second¡¯,

reduce supporting thickness,save investment.

Environmental: Few dust will be produced in shotcrete ,it can help provide good working environment

underground,because of the non corrosivity,it can improve the work safety,

reduce the bad influence for environment.


The accelerating agent(DK-201)can be especially used in shotcrete which requires high durability,thick shooting layer

in one time,high strength in initial final part.

Specific Application Area: Tunnel,gallery, grotto, laneway mine well;Temporary permanent supports for rocks.

Supports for side slopes; Amending for concrete constructure.


Wet shotcrete:After mixed the concrete with water,adding Accelerating Agent to compressed air line by

using measuring pump, then spray it together with concrete.

Dry shotcrete:After dry mix,adding Accelerating Agent to water by using measuring pump, then add the water

mixed with Accelerating Agent into dry concrete.

¡¾Package And Storage¡¿

The Accelerating Agent(DK-201)must be stored in original airtight container, 5¡æ-35¡æ.Metal container is forbidden.

Few sediment is allowed,stirring it before using.

90 days storage under normal temperatures.


Avoiding skin contact,because of the faintly acidity.Using tap water to clean skin eyes if some emergency,

go to a doctor if some allergic.



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